3 X 3 – 9 Ways to Win with Qualitative Online Communities in 2021

Click here to access the slides Click here to access the slides Transcript auto-created by HappyScribe (because it is an auto transcript, there will be glitches). Hello, everyone. I’m really excited to be here today to talk about ways to win with qualitative online communities. It is my favorite qualitative methodology and I’ve been doing asynchronous online communities since 2007. And I am so excited by the amount of technology transformation that’s taken place in the last decade or so, the new research tools and techniques and moderator dashboard functionality and segmentation really makes it a fabulous type of methodology. Fun fact about me. I tied to win the hundred thousand dollar pyramid on the very last day they were on the air before they took a 10-year hiatus. So, on today’s agenda, I really want to talk about tips and tricks for your toolkit. I’m a big believer in having a large qualitative toolkit full of exercises, ideas and approaches. And with these, you can pick and choose whatever relevant to the project that can create a really highly customized research plan and discussion guide for your online communities. Whether they’re short-term communities or long-term communities, the exercises and […]