Celina BurnettHow to Measure the ROI of Campaigns – webinar with Celina Burnett
Wednesday 15 July, London 11am – Click here to register

Celina Burnett from Gain Theory will share an introduction to marketing measurement in the digital age, including: 1) Selecting the right measurement technique; 2) Bridging the online/offline measurement divide; 3) How to set up campaigns for successful measurement; 4) Challenges and future trends.
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StonesLife on the Cutting Edge of NewMR
On 22 September we are holding a 2 session webinar on the topic of Cutting Edge of NewMR and we will be announcing the programme shortly – go to the event page for more information.

The Play Again page has the slides and recordings from all of our webinars, so it is a great resource for anybody wanting a broad introduction the leading edge of market research.

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