AI Agility, Automation & AI, 18 August
This two webinar event (one times for Australia & East Asia, one timed for Europe/North America) tackles the opportunities and threats created by automation and artificial intelligence and looks at how agile research is at the centre of the market research response.

Speakers include: Sue York, Melanie Courtright, Dave McCaughan and Stephen Phillips. Click here to find Golden Eggout more.

Finding and Communicating the Story
A 6-part lecture series, how to find the message, craft the story, & communicate it to create impact. The next lesson is the series will be on 5 July and tackle ‘Working with multiple streams of data and big data’. Note, you only need to register once to attend the whole series of lectures.

To find out more or register click here. The slides and recordings from the first three lectures are available from our Play Again page.



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Risk and Reward

What is Conjoint Analysis?

Conjoint Analysis is used when a brand wants to know how important different elements of a decision are. We know from neuroscience that people (people like you and me) cannot […]

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