The Future of Video

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This two-webinar event looks at the way video is expanding and evolving in the context of market research and insights.

Session 1, 10am London
Chair: Sue York
Speakers include:

Session 2, 10am New York
Chair: Ray Poynter
Speakers include:


Presentation Outlines

  • Carl Wong, Living Lens, UK
    Everyone’s a film maker, make sure you catch the show
    Video being used in research isn’t new, but the rise of automation and the adoption of AI has changed the game for how video can be used. Unstructured data is turned into something that can be quantified and easily analyzed and has moved beyond just understanding ‘what’ people are saying. We provide you with the insider’s view, including practical case studies, of how video is currently being used in market research to great effect and ‘fast forward’ to what the future holds – this is just the beginning.
  • Nadia Morozova, ​, UK
    Video as a powerful tool to communicate innovative research methodologies to your business partners
    Nowadays video plays a critical role in Insights industry. Video not only significantly increases the quality and effectiveness of the insights communication, but it also helps Insights professionals to communicate innovative research methods and complex research methodologies. During this presentation I’ll share ideas and insights on how to create a storytelling approach for research methods & methodologies that enables to achieve strong trust and advocacy from the side of diverse Leadership Teams.
  • Alex Holmes and Jessica Fennell, North Star Research Partners, UK
    Harnessing the Power Of TV
    This is the story of how Northstar managed to develop a TV show that has not only been singled out by the company’s CEO, but has been used as a medium to open conferences attended by over 3000 delegates.
    Over the course of 2017-2018, Northstar has documented the lives of nine very different households throughout the UK via the airing of 10 different episodes.
    Each episode was produced to deal with a different strategically important topic. Footage was pulled from a number of sources – from planned research events where professional cameraman as well as sound editors were present, to more intimate self-shot footage captured by our Stars using their smartphones.
    Each episode required our research team to spend considerable time storyboarding, scene by scene, the narrative we wanted to tell, but also doing it in a way that allowed the personalities of the household’s shine through.
    Series one has had a profound effect on our client’s business. It is seen as the perfect antidote for time poor C-suite stakeholders who don’t want to wade through a 40 page report, or feel that a summary report doesn’t generate enough customer empathy to really inspire change within their organisation.
    In addition, the show has been so successful in delivering insight to the very top of the business that we’ve already been commissioned for season 2.
    During our presentation we will explain how to:
    • How we did it! By outlining the process (and learnings) we went through to set-up, manage, and film a TV show for our client
    • Critically, do this in a cost-effective manner
  • Jilke Ramon, InSites Consulting, USA
    Video, the key to insight activation
    Snapchat & Facebook set the trend, so market research should not lag behind! Video is the way forward for consumer research and key to bringing insights into the heart of the organization. That’s why videos are at the core of our insight activation program. It gives us new ways to bring the consumer closer to home, immerse the marketer (and other stakeholders) in the lives of the consumer AND open up new opportunities for both CMI team and marketers. In this presentation, we will discuss various examples of how we use video in the activation of consumer research (video dairies, stories, confessions…) and which impact this had on the companies involved.
  • Amit Dhand, Nailbiter, USA
    How to Transform Video into Quantitative, Scalable, Predictive Metrics
    Video is the bridge between traditional and behavioral market research. Brands will not see the benefit of video until there is a way to scale video quantitatively and extract meaningful data from videos efficiently.

    With the help of actual brand data, this webinar will demonstrate how researchers can scale video and offer their customers / brands unprecedented insight and metrics. Top Global Manufacturers like Mars/ Wrigley and Colgate-Palmolive are using this platform to make significant business decisions by seeing shopper behavior in-store and online.

  • Alistair Vince, Watch Me Think, UK
    The changing perception of video: why video is becoming a bigger part of the research mix
    The general knowledge around the capabilities of video are generally low or incorrect, but the growth of video to an integral part of the research mix is unquestionable. The capabilities of video to capture actual consumer behaviour via new methods, the simplicity of editing, searching and sharing video, the higher quality, all combined with the unarguable fact that good video is compelling, can tell a great story, and most importantly can uncover commercially powerful insight means video is going to keep taking more of the research pie. It’s up to us as an industry to improve that knowledge and show people what is achievable now and in the future.