Anije Lambert

PDC Research Guyana


Anije Lambert is the Founder and Director of the Project Development Consultancy (PDC Research). She is the holder of a Bachelors Degree in Sociology (Hons) from the University of Guyana. Currently 23, Anije has placed focus in the areas of Data Collection, Data Analysis and Data Management and has worked in managerial positions and consulted with a range of International Research Companies. In addition she is the Guyana Representative of SCL International.

In 2014, Anije started one of the first ever Market & Social Research Firms in her country Guyana. Since then she has made waves in promoting market research and its importance to the Private Sector, Social Research to the Government, Public Agencies, and Non- Governmental Organizations.

Aside from that, Anije is an advocate of Entrepreneurship. She currently sits on the elected post as the Chair of Membership Committee on the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Council (Guyana), and the Small Business Bureau’s Council (Guyana). Also she is a 2016 Young Business Executive nominee (Guyana).

In her spare time, Anije Enjoys Blogging, Volunteering and Food Tasting.

Twitter: @AnijeLambert