Anije Lambert

PDC Research Guyana


Anije Lambert is the Founder and Director of the Project Development Consultancy (PDC Research). Anije’s speciality lies in the focus areas of Data Collection, Data Analysis and Data Management and Research Project Management.

In 2014, Anije started one of the first ever Market & Social Research Firms in her country Guyana. Since then she has made waves in promoting market research and its importance to the Private Sector, Social Research to the Government, Public Agencies, and Non- Governmental Organizations.

Her notable works and advocacy in Research and Entrepreneurship have led to Anije’s nomination to the Ginny Valentines Awards (2016), and current post as Esomars Representative for Guyana.

In her spare time, Anije Enjoys Blogging, Volunteering and Food Tasting.

Twitter: @AnijeLambert

Anije Lambert Amplifying Online Survey Response: SMS Survey Advert Technique
Anije Lambert Being a Start up in Guyana