Checking & Cleaning Data with ChatGPT

Checking and Cleaning DataCheck out this video from Ray Poynter, showing how you can use ChatGPT to inspect a data file before you start your analysis.

Ray shows how to upload a data file to ChatGPT and then check for missing data, duplicates, personally identifiable information, or bogus interviews.

In a few short steps you can ensure that your analysis is ground on a strong and valid foundations.

And, if you like that video, check out Using ChatGPT to Visualise Data, where Ray shows how you can upload data and use ChatGPT to help you visualise the informaiton.

Person speaking nicely to a computer

Speaking Nicely to Generative AI Seems to Help Get Better Answers

In a paper published in April this year, researchers showed how speaking more collaboratively to LLMs seems to generate better responses. The paper describes how Chengrun Yang, Xuezhi Wang, Yifeng Lu, Hanxiao Liu, Quoc V. Le, Denny Zhou, and Xinyun Chen conducted a series of experiments to explore how different strategies for prompts delivered different answers.

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