Market Research in Japan, an Alternative Adoption Curve

Click here to read in Japanese – 日本語 Most market researchers are familiar with the Rogers Adoption Curve, which divides the adoption of a successful new technology in to Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards. In a […]

How to run a successful MROC in Japan?

Click here to read in Japanese – 日本語 Yesterday in Tokyo I attended two events (one run by the JMA and one by JMRX – sponsored by GMO Research) and a client meeting, and one specific question arose at all […]

NewMR and Asia

I am about half way through my current tour of Asia, I have been in Singapore and Hong Kong and fly to Tokyo tonight. During my time here I have split my time between events and one-on-one meetings with clients […]

Laplace and Big Data fallacy

Earlier this week I was in Singapore, attending the MRSS Asia Research Conference, which this year focused on the theme of Big Data. There was an interesting range of papers, including ones linking neuroscience, Behavioural Economics, and ethnography to Big […]

What will Telepresence bring to Market Research?

Helen Thomson has a great article in New Scientist (you’ll need to register to read it) about how we already have the technology to attend an event via a robot. Thomson starts her article by talking about a 7 year […]

2012 – the year manual coding made a comeback!

In 2011, at events and conferences around the world the world seemed to be on the edge of a new world, a world where automated coding, and in particular automated sentiment analysis, would allow researchers to tackle megabytes of open-ended […]

Is the term MROC morphing?

When Brad Bortner, of Forrester, coined the term MROC (Market Research Online Community) in 2009, he defined it as a qualitative tool. This definition has been used widely to define qualitative communities, in contrast to online access panels (large, quant, […]

What do we need? Faster Research! When do we need it? NOW!

Yes, it is a truism that we want better, cheaper, faster research, and that we have always wanted better, faster, research. However, right now research is becoming redundant to many decision makers because it is not fast enough. This theme […]