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Are you a new entrant in the NewMR World?

From time-to-time people reach out to us to tell us about a new company in the market research space. Sometimes we are able to engage in a conversation, sometimes we are in a position to help with advice with marketing or consultancy, but usually new start-ups do not have the budget to hire us and we do not have the bandwidth to do anything for free. So, we have come up with a new proposal that we hope will be of interest. Are you relatively unknown? If so, we’d like you to write a guest blog post for NewMR. If you’d like to write a guest post, here are the rules: Fewer than 1,000 words, fewer than 5 images (and a minimum of 1). The tone should be informative, not pure sales. Avoid superlatives such as ‘the best’, ‘the only’, ‘first ever’ unless it is demonstrably true even to your competitors. Please describe your field of operations, are you global, regional, or national? Are you mostly talking to agencies or end clients? Include a simple way for people to find out more, for example an email address or a link to your website. BTW, our decision whether your piece meets […]


How to prioritise – the four Ds

Over the Christmas/New Year break I have been busy thinking about my plans for 2016. As usual, there are way too many things I’d like to include, so I will need to prioritise. Thinking about how best to use my time, I started thinking about creating a 2-dimensional chart; Things I want to do and Things I need to do. However, as soon as I started populating my chart I realised I needed 2 more dimensions, relating to Money and my Overall Plan. So, I have now created a system that I call the 4Ds. HT to @1Sue3 for retrofitting names beginning with D to my dimensions. Desire Desire relates to things I enjoy doing. When there are too many things competing for too little time I have found in the past that I have under prioritised the fun things. No more! From now on (well from about two years ago actually), fun has a much heavier weighting in my planning prioritisation process. Duty There are some things you have to do. If you have a regular job you have to fulfil it. If you have taken on a contract you have to deliver. There are duties placed upon us […]

Many thanks to the #NewMR 2016 Sponsors

A new year has started and some great MR brands have already stepped forward as #NewMR sponsors, helping ensure that #NewMR will be able to continue to curate interesting and useful material. So this post is a quick shout out and thanks. We are in discussions with several other potential sponsors and there’s plenty of space if you’d like to become a 2016 sponsor. Our 2016 Sponsors Platinum Sponsor Our Platinum Sponsor is Zappistore, a brand that embodies the sort of disruptive innovation that #NewMR audiences are interested in hearing about. Gold Sponsors Our Gold Sponsors for 2016 are: L&E Research – Recruiting is Our Passion DUB – Online and Mobile Qual Saros – Expert recruitment management MESH – The Experience Agency Kinesis – Market research software Krea – Specialists in Healthcare Data Collection Media Partner Our media partner for 2016 is GreenBook. NewMR and GreenBook collaborate on a wide range of activities, including IIeX, the GRIT report, the No Nonsense Workshops, and the Festival of NewMR. Interested in being a 2016 Sponsor? There are still spaces for companies to be Gold Sponsors, click here to download a fact sheet on what you get and what it costs.