Image of Escher's Relativity

What can Market Researchers learn from Escher?

Posted by Ray Poynter 30 July 2018 Last week I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Miracle of Escher exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum. After the visit my mind turned to the lessons market researchers can […]

Sign with two directions

What is semiotics and how is it used?

Posted by Ray Poynter 17 July 2018 At the most basic level, semiotics is the study of how meaning is made. We often hear that semiotics is the study of signs, but that is only true when we take a […]

Image of framework of knowledge

What is a Framework of Project Knowledge?

Post by Ray Poynter, 10 July 2017 On 19 July I am running a workshop on finding and communicating the story in the data for the Japanese Market Research Association (and a similar one in London for the MRS on […]