Book cover : Customer Copernicus

How to be customer-led: Repeatedly doing what’s inconvenient

Guest blog by NewMR sponsor Further, 13 July 2021 Join Charlie Dawson, author of the Customer Copernicus, in conversation with Stephen Cribbett, CEO of Further and find out how to transform an ordinary business into a customer-led success. Part of Further’s #FutureReadyBrands online forums Date: 22nd July 2021 Time: 4pm – 4.45pm London (11am – 11.45 New York) Register here Companies that are truly and manifestly customer-centric are rare, and rarer still is the organisation that manages a successful transition from self-obsession to being customer obsessed.  In their new book The Customer Copernicus Charlie Dawson and Professor Seán Meehan unpack the ingredients, values and mindset of those rare organisations that are not only customer-led, but also manage to stay that way.   The book explores what it means to be truly customer-led – to be guided not by self obsession but by what customers value – the underlying problems they are trying to solve or the outcomes they want. They argue that those rare companies that successfully transition and find customer-led success are those that have found new and better ways to create this value, solve these problems or achieve these outcomes, leading in a market not following.    According to Kim […]