Ray Poynter on a rugby pitch

The similarity between winning at Rugby and winning with a Platform and Service combination

In many organizations, there is tension between the DIY/SaaS provision of software and the provision of services. The conversation tends to rotate around whether we are a platform or are we providing services. However, this misses the point about synergy, a concept often referred to as SwaS – Software with a Service. I want to highlight the synergy by talking about my favorite team sport rugby.

Charlene Adamah

Radio NewMR – Charlene Adamah

Ray Poynter chats with Charlene Adamah a director and co-founder of CORe (Colour of Research). Ray and Charlene chat about why Colour of Research was needed, how it was created, its successes so far, and what still needs to be done.

Melanie Courtright

Radio NewMR – Melanie Courtright

Ray Poynter chats with Melanie Courtright Chief Executive Officer of the Insights Association about what is happening in the insights and research world.