Much Ado About Nothing

What can the insights industry learn from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’?

Last week I saw an amazing production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at my local theatre (the Nottingham Playhouse). As well as being a great evening’s entertainment, it was also an object lesson in how to positively embrace DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion. I think this production contained useful pointers for my industry – the insights profession.

Podcast with Lisa Wilding-Brown

Lisa Wilding Brown talks about ESOMAR

Ray Poynter chats with InnovateMR CEO Lisa Wilding-Brown about here time on ESOMAR Council and about the upcoming elections. For those of you who are ESOMAR members the voting starts on Wednesday, October 12.

Ball rolling down a mountain

Factors and Premises Affecting Insights and Market Research over the Next Five Years

I am working on a new insights/MR scenario project with a time horizon of five years from now. One of the first steps in the scenario-creating process is to gather together the key factors and premises.

The Premises are things that are likely to be important and which, for the purposes of this project, we are going to assume will be predictable during the timespan of the project. The Factors are items which are also important, but where there are two or more plausible forms they might take during the timeframe we are considering.

Here is my current list of Factors and Premise