Call for Collaboration – Training Benchmark Survey 2018

Image of SurveyUpdated 2 FebrMarch, 2018

Sue York and Ray Poynter are heading a collaborative effort to learn more about the current state of play with respect to training in the market research and insights industry, with a view to making recommendations for improvements. This study builds on the learning we achieved late last year with our Knowledge Benchmarking study (read more about that study by clicking here).

We invite anybody who is interested to join this collaboration, and some of those who have already indicated support are shown below – more will be added when we clarify whether they want publicity or not.

What sort of help are we looking for:

  •  Suggesting improvements to the questionnaire. [Completed]
  •  Helping translate the questionnaire. We already have some offers of help – but we would like more languages and more help.
  • Helping maximise the response to the survey. We want to ensure that we get a large enough sample so that we can analyse the results by country, by role (e.g. client-side versus agency), and by years in the industry.
  • Helping with the open-ended responses (especially those not in English).
  • Help with reviewing the analysis, recommendations and commentary.

The timeline is subject to collective wisdom and has been changed once already; it may change again.

  • Finish questionnaire design, Monday, 26 February
  • Agree list of languages to use, Wednesday, 28 February
  • Receive all translations, Tuesday, 13 March
  • Start of fieldwork, Tuesday, 20 March – soft launch
  • Start of main fieldwork, Wednesday, 22 March – full launch
  • End of fieldwork, Friday, 13 April
  • Analysis Monday 13 April – Monday 30 April

Questionnaire Development

The final draft can be downloaded by clicking here.

Team Members
Project Leaders: Sue York and Ray Poynter, NewMR

Data Collection: Confirmit

Analysis Platform: Q Research

We will be asking everybody who is a volunteer collaborator, do you want to be listed on the website and/or listed in the final report.

9 thoughts on “Call for Collaboration – Training Benchmark Survey 2018

  1. I think it would be valuable to ask those that did receive training of some sort in the last year…..
    “What was the topic/content of your training that you received?”
    – open ended

    “How valuable was the training that you received?”
    – Highly valuable, somewhat valuable, etc.

  2. Uhmm survey captures how much training rather than what areas of training received vs not received. And the onus of the what to be trained on seems left to the respondent. Not sure how it is in UK etc but you may find some people mouthing platitudes here.

  3. Would love to support on this Ray – have been involved in L&D in MR for a while. Will take a look at questionnaire. Great initiative!

  4. We’d love to be involved. Have you thought about including a video question as an alternative to open-ends. Our platform can transcribe and translate this content and it would provide some great content to help tell the story of the results.

  5. Many thanks Sree, we are keen to keep each project short, so this study is about finding out how much training is happening, and do people think they are receiving the right amount, and what are the preferred channels. If it turns out most people are happy, job done. If there are shortfalls, then we can explore the shortfalls.

  6. Thanks Kat. For this round of this project we want to protect absolute anonymity – if we had a video reply, there would be a risk their employer would recognise them (or that we would recognise them).

  7. Hi! A few thoughts:
    Q5 – might be better to list some skills and add ‘others, specify’. this would also be easier in terms of data analysis
    Q7 – am not sure i fully understand this question or the intent of asking this. would you kindly clarify?
    you might want to also consider adding some Asian languages, e.g. Chinese.

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