Radio NewMR Insight Podcast – Lucy Davison

Lucy DavisonPosted 18 January 2022

In this Radio NewMR podcast, Lucy Davison Founder and Managing Director of Keen As Mustard Marketing, talks to Ray Poynter about the importance of communicating insight with impact (to drive innovation and leadership).

In this podcast, Lucy talks about how she has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola and Bic to revolutionise how data is turned into insight into impact. Lucy explains why and how communicating insights has got harder, including the impact of ‘infobesity’. Lucy identifies clients who have adopted new methods of communicating insights and talks about the new skills that are needed.

Find out how you can update the way your organisation is turning insight into impact by listening to Lucy Davison.

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Lucy Davison is a strategy and communication expert with over 30 years’ experience. She founded Keen as Mustard Marketing in 2006 to provide communications for clients in data, research and insight. Mustard helps client-side researchers from global companies such as Coca-Cola, Shell, JPMC, and Nestle get impact from their insights. The team also develops strategies and communications for agencies and suppliers such as Buzzback, Jigsaw, Nepa, Cint, Lucid and Zappi. Elected a Council Member of ESOMAR in 2018, Lucy started out in insights in 2000 as global marketing director of Research International, working in over 55 countries. Lucy is an award-winning writer and presenter and a sought-after keynote speaker.

2 thoughts on “Radio NewMR Insight Podcast – Lucy Davison

  1. Lucy is always spot on! I get to listen to her all the time and it’s a joy. Everytime we talk, I get something new and something brilliant from her. Thanks Ray, this is a fabulous session and I highly recommend it. Lucy puts more thought into the communications of research results and insights than anyone I know. I still love my communications brief that Lucy taught me to ask about from my clients. Fantastic as always Lucy! Lovely Colonel Mustard!

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