Most researchers are optimistic about insights

Optimism about insightsRay Poynter, 13 July 2023

In June, NewMR conducted a study with 270 insight professionals to establish a benchmark for the state of the research industry. You can download the report by clicking here.

The main message from this study is that the insight professionals we spoke to tend to be optimistic about the state of insights. When we collect the next wave of data later in the year, we will get a better indication of the way things are going. However, it is also important to note that 10% of our participants described themselves as pessimistic about the state of insights.

Our participants mostly see AI as a positive thing, with some reservations. People expect it to make things faster, to enable the use of more qualitative information, and to improve analysis. The main reservations relate to sub-standard research being enabled by AI, implemented by non-researchers.

The other sentiment that merits highlighting is the underlying unease about the state of the economy and, therefore, the insights ecosystem. However, participants in this study felt, on balance, that organisations tended to recognise the need for research and that insight professionals were adapting to changes well.


2 thoughts on “Most researchers are optimistic about insights

  1. It would be interesting to see this broken down by tenure. Are short timers more optimistic than long timers?

  2. It would indeed, I need to ensure I add that to the questionnaire for the next wave. I was thinking something like October for the next wave.

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