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Lots of starsPosted by Ray Poynter, 5 June 2019

Over the last few days I have been running a conversation in LinkedIn where people I am linked to describe the people they follow on LinkedIn. To be clear, this does not mean these are the absolute best people, but they are people who other people have recommended. Some you may already follow, but why not try some of the others too?

There were 113 mentions, 64 people were mentioned, and the top four all got seven mentions. The list is ordered by mentions and alphabet, which mostly means alphabet.

You can check out the LinkedIn thread that generated this list here.

I hope you find the list useful, whilst accepting the weaknesses in the methodology J

  • Kevin Gray
  • Kristin Luck
  • Siamack Salari
  • Tom Ewing
  • Annie Pettit
  • Lisa Wilding-Brown
  • Priscilla McKinney
  • Jamin Brazil
  • Nikki Lavoie
  • Preriit Souda
  • Ryan Barry
  • Adam Jolley
  • Bob Ferro
  • Dr Jillian Ney
  • Dr Rachel Lawes
  • Jeffrey Henning
  • Steve Henke
  • William Leach
  • Zontziry (“Z”) Johnson
  • Abhijit Bhaduri
  • Allison Stern
  • Andrew Kuiler
  • Andrew McKinney
  • Andy Brown
  • Bethan Blakeley
  • Betty Adamou
  • Chris Arning
  • Dave Carruthers
  • Edwin Wong
  • Emmet Ó Briain
  • James Endersby
  • Jamin Brazil
  • Jason Mander
  • Jenni Romaniuk
  • Julie Hamshere
  • Julien Rosanvallon
  • Karen Nelson-Field
  • Keerti N
  • Ken Mallon
  • Laura Chaibi
  • Laura Freund
  • Les Binet
  • Lilah Koski
  • Louise Ainsworth
  • Lucy Davison
  • Mario Xavier Carrasco
  • Martin Silcock
  • Merrill Dubrow
  • Mike Stevens
  • Patricia Houston
  • Peter Spear
  • Prof. dr. Koen Pauwels
  • Rick Bruner
  • Robert van Ossenbruggen
  • Roddy Knowles
  • Ryan Barry 
  • Sable Mi
  • Shekhar Badve
  • Sima Vasa
  • Steve August
  • Tim Stock
  • Tom De Ruyck
  • Tom Smith
  • Wiemer Snijders

Remember, on LinkedIn you can connect with people (perhaps mentioning you saw their name here) or you can follow people.

One thought on “Some people you might want to follow or connect with on LinkedIn

  1. Why have these people been recommended? Well since they were suggested by many people there will be several reasons. The first point is mentioned in the introduction to the post – these people were mentioned in an English-language post and discussion – so they will tend to be people who post all or at least some of their material in English. Remember, this is not an exaustive list. The names near the top of the list all post reasonably often add more of themselves than is the norm on LinkedIn. In the top four we have Kristin who includes general business and women in research as well as MR industry material, Tom Ewing often strays outside MR and digs deeper into reasons than most people, Siamack shares stories that expose elements of his own life and learning in the field of ethnography, and Kevin Gray manages to make the topics of data science, marketing science and statistics more interesting and he does it with a passion to share. Indeed a passion to share and a willingness to lister characterise many of the names on this list – rather than simply posting about your latest product or servie.

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