Pravin Shekar – Candidate for ESOMAR President

Pravin Shekar

A recipient of American Marketing Association’s “Emerging Leader in Marketing Research” 4Under40 Award, I have close to two decades experience in the world of research.

In my MR journey, I have traversed many roles: Field interviewer, Project manager, KPO/Analytics to Research & Insights! An entrepreneur since 1999, I have steered companies to multi-million dollar growth.

I bring energy, positivity and a CAN DO approach to all initiatives that I am involved with.

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Below is my personal statement for this election as well as my 3 point agenda.

As an ESOMAR Council member/Treasurer and Representative, I have been very active in promoting the cause of research and ESOMAR.

As the President, I will channel my entrepreneurial energy for the following key points:

  • SERVE THE MEMBERS: Increased engagement, focused custom events, client round-tables and organized meet-up/networking sessions
  • STRENGTHEN OUR PROFESSION: Expand the horizons of ESOMAR and bring all relevant stakeholders together. Work with like-minded partners globally to lobby, protect the profession from restrictive legislations and advancing the case of marketing research.
  • SECURE THE FUTURE: Making “Youth” the center-stage of initiatives: Focus on young researchers/students and promote MR as a career of choice. Being more inclusive (Geo, New-tech, Innovations)
  • “Market” Marketing research: An imperative need!

A CAN-DO entrepreneurial DRIVE is the need of the hour. To make ESOMAR stronger. To propagate the word of research.

You can see a 2 minute video statement from me here.

I look forward to your support for my candidacy to be the next President of ESOMAR (and the first from Asia!).


As an ESOMAR member, India Representative, Treasurer and Council member, I have been a very active promoter of research, standards and a global-local connect. I continue to organize conferences, events (client/agency-side) and deliver lectures aimed at researchers as well as students.

My contributions include:

  • ESOMAR Council-Member & Treasurer 2013-14, 2011-12
  • 2013: Cycling 1000 Kilometers in 8 days to raise funds and awareness for the ESOMAR Foundation
  • 2014 Dec*: Running a 50K Ultra for the Foundation
  • Programme Committee: Qualitative 2013, APAC 2011, Congress 2011
  • Council responsibility: Introduced recognition/awards for Country Representatives
  • ESOMAR Project Team member: Guidelines on Research via mobiles| Professional Standards Committee Overseer
  • Organized seven national ESOMAR events (2009-2014)
  • Speaker: ESOMAR Congress 2010, Research-Idol Congress2009, Leisure 2006
  • Panel Discussion: APAC2013, APAC2010, APAC2008, Qualitative2007
  • Promoting the cause of ESOMAR and MR at educational institutions/associations across APAC


  • Invited speaker/workshop-leader at various national association conferences: TMRE (USA), AMSRS (Australia), MRSS (Singapore), MRSI (India), TMRS (Thailand), BaQMar (Belgium).
  • Management Committee: Market Research Society of India(2013-15)


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