Supercharging the evolution of new market research – NewMR and GreebBook create a new strategic alliance

Ray at IIeX

Presenting on new skills at IIeX Atlanta – June 2014

Since the arrival of online market research in the mid-1990s the speed of change in market research has been accelerating. In addition to online surveys and online qualitative research we have seen the ascendency of access panels, the arrival of social media research, growth in implicit and neuro approaches, and an avalanche of mobile approaches.

In addition to the changes in techniques there has been a shift in how market research is seen, from a supplier of information towards a supplier of advice and becoming advocates on behalf of (and increasingly in collaboration with) customers and citizens.

This period of rapid change has brought with it many benefits, many new options, and many new challenges. The challenges include:

  • New competitors from outside market research
  • Pressure for faster speeds and lower costs
  • New privacy and informed consent issues
  • Assessing the validity of new techniques
  • Moving from data delivery to storytelling
  • The need for new ways to create and sustain an insight community

For the last few years #NewMR has been at the forefront of sharing and facilitating the growth of new market research ideas, through networking, virtual events, and the production of content designed to combine the best of the new with the best of the old. During that time we have worked increasingly closely with the Greenbook portfolio of initiatives, such as the GreenBookBlog and IIeX events. This working relationship has highlighted the opportunity to work even closer to help supercharge the movement towards the better use of new market research.

The New Global Strategic Alliance
I am delighted to announce that GreenBook and NewMR have formed a strategic alliance to make us better able promote the events, ideas, and changes that we think will benefit insight professionals and the users of insights.

The sorts of things this alliance will deliver include:

  • Shared guidance of the IIeX events. I will be taking the lead on IIeX Europe and APAC, Lenny Murphy will continue to take the lead on IIeX North and Latin America.
  • Integrated virtual events in 2015, combing the best of NewMR and GreenBook events.
  • Greater integration of GreenBook into the Festival of NewMR.
  • A face-to-face series workshops in North America, leveraging The Handbook of Mobile Market Research.

So, fasten your seatbelts, the pace is about to get even faster!

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