Survey about the stats we use in market research

Picture of somebody listeningAt the moment (August 16 to August 31, 2017) NewMR is running a survey to collect data about the stats commonly used in market research. [Note, since August has finished, the survey is now closed. We will be posting the results soon. However, you can still see the raw data report below.] 

If you have not already taken the survey, please do so [by clicking this link] before reading the data below.

The background to this survey is that we are writing some materials for two university courses and for workshops that we are running. We would like a clear idea of which stats are commonly being used, and which are more specialist. Stats that are commonly used need to be taught in a way they convey how to use them as well as when to use them and how to interpret them. Our feeling is that stats that are more specialist should (in the context of the courses and workshops we are involved in) be focused on when to use them and how to find out how to use and interpret them.

Below is an automated report of what the data looks like at the moment (you might want to reload the page to get the latest picture). You can come back to this page to check on how the numbers are progressing as often as you like (and you can share this page, please).

After the survey closes at the end of August I will write a paper summarizing the findings – for example: looking at differences between providers and users, by region, and length of time in the industry (depending on sample size). If you would like a copy of the report you can sign-up to our newsletter by clicking here, or keep your eyes out for a post on this topic in September.

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