Do you understand device agnostic research?

Most people seem to accept that about one-third of people who take online surveys are attempting to do so using a mobile device, mostly smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Consequently, the market research industry has started talking about the need to be ‘device agnostic’. The mobile agnostic spectrum The growth in the demand for device agnostic mobile research, and the growth in the number of people offering ‘device agnostic’ solutions has not resulted in a clear definition of what we mean by device agnostic. If we look at the various things people are doing with mobile market research, we see a spectrum: Mobile possible: every question will appear on the mobile device, all the words will be there, but it may look different on different devices, and the user may need to scroll left/right as well us up/down. At the software level, this means not using technologies that do not work on mobile (e.g. Flash). At the design level this term means very little, it includes surveys with long questions, long answer lists, and which last for more than 20 minutes. Mobile friendly: every question appears in a relatively convenient format. Images fit on the screen, left/right scrolling is eliminated, and […]