What people want from NewMR?

At the moment, NewMR is running a survey asking the #NewMR community, amongst other things, what they would like to see us concentrate on in 2013. The survey is still running (if you have not given us your views yet you can find it by clicking here, but the results so far are interesting. In the study we offered participants an array of 21 potential topics for NewMR events and asked them to select up to 4 that they would like us to run. The chart shows the results so far. As the chart shows, the top three, at least at the moment, are Data Visualisation, Mobile Research, and Social media research – with about one-third of the participants selecting them. The next grouping in the data comprises four choices, Big Data, Text Analytics, Behavioural Economics, and Presenting Results. The good news for NewMR is that our next event, on February 15th, is a Big Data event (and there are still spaces available). The inclusion of Presenting Results in this group, combined with the top ranking for Data Visualisation brings home the message that this is a topic that people are really interested in, and one that we will organises […]