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What’s special about Keen as Mustard?

The post below is the result of a discussion between Ray Poynter from NewMR and Lucy Davison from Keen as Mustard. Q: Can you describe Keen as Mustard for me in 140 characters? A: Keen as Mustard is the only full service marketing agency that specialises in the market research industry. Let us tell your story. Q: What sorts of things do you do for your clients? A: We run the full gamut of marketing and PR activities for our clients. From branding and website design to media relations and PR, and the development of content that really tells the story of the client and raises their profile inside and outside of the industry. Building that narrative is where we excel. If you take a look at some of our clients, such as MaritzCX, Research Now, PRS, and end-clients like CPW, Sony and Lucozade, we’re telling stories with data. Whether that’s a press article, infographic, conference presentation, or a dashboard; we’re experts in communicating insights and getting the right, engaging content in front of the right audiences But the key to our work is strategy. A website, an email campaign or collection of content means nothing if the strategy isn’t […]

Threats and opportunities for Market Research: Market research, communicated… – Lucy Davison

Posted by Lucy Davison, Keen as Mustard Marketing, UK. As we race at alarming speed into the future, accessorised with new technologies, swathed in big data and seduced by social media, it is important to step back and reflect on the bigger picture. Sometimes on a day to day level it’s easy to forget that we are living through one of the greatest revolutions the world has seen – the digital revolution. The result of that revolution has been an unprecedented change in the way we communicate. Yet how much has the market research industry really kept up? In the 12 years I’ve spent in research I have seen the ways the World consumes information change radically – now we are used to Tweets, infographics, Instagram, vine and Facebook. And it has become the norm for newspapers and other media to present complex, data-rich stories in visually exciting ways. But during that time I have seen very little change in the way research information is shared. Most market research is still communicated via long PowerPoint presentations and reports. Two years ago at an ESOMAR Congress, Lorna Walters from Reckitt Benckiser presented her audience with a 278 slide ‘summary’ she had […]