How many people will be using smartphones to access the web in 2017?

Almost every week there is a key discussion in the NewMR LinkedIn group, tackling a specific topic of interest. This week I asked “In 3 years, what % of adults will have a mobile phone, how many will be smartphones, and how many will be connected to the internet?” and broke this down into three questions: In January 2017, what percentage of the world’s adults do you think will have a mobile phone? By which I mean the percentage of people who have at least one phone (or phablet). What percentage of the world’s population will have a smartphone? What percentage of the world’s population will have a 3G, 4G or similar connection to the internet? There are lots of interesting replies from people such as: Siim Teller, Etienne Zervaas, and Thomas Ball, and I encourage you to check the discussion out. But, I thought I would share my replies with this blog as well as the discussion. What percentage of the world’s adult population will have a mobile phone in 2017? The ITU estimate that there are about 7 billion phones in use, allowing about 1.8 per actual user, deduct about 1.5 billion people as children, some of whom […]