What resources did you miss over the last three months?

SupportPosted by Ray Poynter, 4 July 2020

NewMR has a great collection of sponsors and Patrons (see our Patreon page here) and see the logos of our sponsors on the right). One of the ways NewMR pays these supporters back is by curating content and by producing a monthly summary of the industry.

Three Things You Might Have Missed (in April, May & June)
The curated content from NewMR for Patrons consists of a document each month that highlights and describes three blogs or resources from the previous month. As a special offer to entice you to become Patrons or Sponsors, you can check out the last three updates below:

Industry Roundup
Each month Ray Poynter produces a summary of the main trends facing the market research industry. Again, as part of this special enticement to become a NewMR supporter you can check out the last three updates below.

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