Embracing The Future

Bright Future AheadWebinar Event, November 18th, 10am UK time
(6pm Singapore, 1pm Moscow, 11am Paris, 5am New York)

The webinar has finished, the slides and recordings will be available soon.

Hear from experts who are helping create the future.


  • Martina Olbertova, Brand Curator
    ‘Brand Curation: Envisioning the Future of Meaning-Driven Brands’
    Martina will share her view on the brands of future driven by meaning. The presentation introduces a new approach named ‘brand curation’ that focuses on fixing the gaps across brand management process, where the meaning gets usually lost, with the view to help brand managers cut down on the ubiquitous marketing clutter and brand fragmentation we face every day.
  • Gaelle Bertrand, Head of Brand Insight, Kantar Media,
    ‘Strategic Social Media Listening: What’s behind the numbers?’
    The presentation will showcase how social media continues to be a critical source of insights. Data is what automated tools provide. Insights are about providing context and meaning to drive action. Using compelling case study examples, you will learn how big data is really small data i.e. looking behind the numbers and qualitatively understanding your audience.
  • Sue York,
    ‘Creating a Personal Social Media Brand’
    Sue will share key elements from her popular workshop on how to use social media to create a personal brand. Why might you want a personal brand, the benefits can include more career options, more chances to be involved in events, and a wider network of potentially useful contacts.
  • Ray Poynter, The Future Place,
    ‘7 Steps To Help You Embrace The Future’
    Ray will share seven practical steps you can take to future-proof your career and help you embrace the future. The seven steps include how to stay up to date with information, how to pick winners out of a bewildering array of new alternatives, and how to stay agile in a time-pressured world.