Festival of NewMR 2017 – Americas Wednesday

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017


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Session Chair Andrew Jeavons

Photo of Annie PettitAnnie Pettit PhD, FMRIA,
People aren’t robots: Tips for creating questionnaires that people want to answer

Photo of Douwe RademakerDouwe Rademaker,
Global CEO, Ipsos MarketQuest,
Springboarding from Social Listening to Social Intelligence

Photo of Mark MichelsonMark Michelson,
Mobile Market Research Association (MMRA),
Review of Mobile Qual Platforms in 2017

Photo of Christian VanekChristian Vanek,
CEO & Co-Founder, SurveyGizmo,
A Comedy Of Errors: Anonymous Stories Of Research Mess Ups

Photo of Tyrone O'NeillTyrone O’Neill,
CEO, Displayr
How Data Science is Revolutionizing Market Research Careers

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Descriptions of the Presentations

  • Annie Pettit, People aren’t robots: Tips for creating questionnaires that people want to answer, Questionnaires aren’t getting any more fun or easy to answer, and this continues to be reflected in our low response rates. This session will highlight a number of practical things you can do to drastically improve not only data quality, but also readability and enjoyment of questionnaires.
  • Douwe Rademaker, Springboarding from Social Listening to Social Intelligence, The Internet is bustling with consumer conversations about new products, brand experiences, and unmet needs. Not surprisingly, marketers are eager to tap into this treasure trove of consumer insights and are turning to social listening as their go-to tool. While social listening can “hear” online conversations, its focus is on information gathering. Social intelligence goes beyond listening to include qualitative measurement, interpretation and strategy. We will present a case study on how social intelligence was used to evaluate a brand in crisis, enabling us to gain insights into the impact of the crisis on the brand’s image and positioning in the market.
  • Mark Michelson, Review of Mobile Qual Platforms in 2017, There are thousands of apps available for marketing research. But which apps are most useful for qualitative researchers? There are many mobile qual tools to use. Some are integrated mobile and online, others are mobile only, some come with built-in audiences, others provide only video. In this presentation Mark Michelson will present a taxonomy of mobile qualitative apps to help researchers understand which can be used for what.
  • Christian Vanek, A Comedy Of Errors: Anonymous Stories Of Research Mess Ups, With the time and budget constraints most market researchers are facing these days, research mistakes are not exactly affordable. Unfortunately, research mistakes do happen. This presentation is your chance to learn from some memorable errors so that you can avoid the pitfalls and achieve success.
  • Tyrone O’Neill, How Data Science is Revolutionizing Market Research Careers, Self-service data collection and research tools are already transforming the research industry.  However the proliferation of big data management techniques and the rise of ‘second generation’ data science tools are starting to create a new super-cell of researchers who can do everything themselves, faster.  This session discusses the rise of data science as a career discipline, how this is blurring traditional distinctions in agency, consulting, and client organizations between market researchers and others who work with data such as customer analytics and AI professionals, and the potential opportunities available for those ready to adapt.

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