Empowering clients to create faster insights

InfotoolsSponsored WebinarFaster Insights

19 November 2020

You can access the recording of the webinar, including the Q&A session, by clicking here. You can access slides by clicking here.

Keri Vermaak & Ray PoynterRay Poynter and Keri Vermaak, Regional Engagement Director at Infotools discuss how the trend towards the democratisation of insights is increasing the reach and speed of insights.

Key topics discussed include What are clients looking for, what are their priorities?, What does data democratization mean, how should it be delivered? and What do agencies need to do to enable client empowerment?

Samsung Case StudySamsung Case Study
During the webinar, Keri shared a case study from Samsung. You can download a more detailed version of that case study by clicking here.

Keri has also written a post highlighting a case study where Infotools helped their client digest and utilize large amounts of social data. ‘Social Listening Data: Massive, Ever-Changing, and Vital for Understanding Audiences‘ – a useful insight into the sort of topics we’ll be discussing.