Using Semiotics in Marketing – Read Along

Using Semiotics in MarketingWith Dr Rachel Lawes and her new book ‘Using Semiotics in Marketing’, NewMR is running a read-a-long project and you are invited to join in.

The project started with a standalone webinar “Semiotics will change your career – and then it will change your life”. That webinar is now being followed by four webinars, each of which is tackling three chapters from the book and reviewing the tasks that Rachel set out in the book.

By the end of the read-a-long you will have a substantial knowledge of Semiotics and if you do all of the projects, you will probably have a piece of work that would be suitable for publication.

As well as the four webinar sessions we have created a LinkedIn Group to discuss the book and you can join it by clicking here.

The five webinars on Semiotics and the book can be accessed below:

To go to the LinkedIn group click here.

Using Semiotics of MarketingSemiotics Poster Exhibition
We are holding a Semiotics Poster Exhibition for anybody who has been following the book and who is creating their own semiotics project. The Exhibition is being hosted by NewMR and curated by Dr Rachel Lawes. Click here to read more about the Semiotics Poster Exhibition.

If you want to read along with the group, available in e-form, paperback and hardback from Kogan Page, Amazon and other retailers. If you have read and enjoyed the book, do not forget to write a review on Amazon.