Story Time: The Narrative Research Forum

The Story BeginsA NewMR/Irrational Agency Webinar
Wednesday, 7 February 2024
Broadcast: 10am New York (3pm London, 4pm Paris)

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This forum, hosted by produced by the Irrational Agency and NewMR, brings together leading proponents of commercial narrative research across disciplines, to share how organisations can use story to generate unique and impactful insights.

Leigh CaldwellRay PoynterThe Role of Narrative in Research
The story is evolutionary. Narrative is hardwired into us. It is fundamental in how we communicate, how we think, and how we make choices. Narrative research uncovers the stories that sit at the centre of the decision and opinion-making process, and can provide true future insight, accurately forecasting our future behaviours and motivations.

Leigh Caldwell (Founder, Irrational Agency) and Ray Poynter highlight and discuss the key issues surrounding Narrative, storytelling and the need to move beyond numbers to bring information alive.

Steph and MauraNarrative Research at Mondelez
Steph and Maura discuss and share how Mondelez used narrative research to identify emerging category trends and leverage that information to shape new propositions.







KristianUncovering Consumers’ Hidden Narratives
While nearly every participant is willing to answer our questions in market research, very few actually share what’s really happening inside their minds. By leveraging insights from the field of narrative psychology, Kristian A Aloma, PhD, an academic and practitioner in the field, will demonstrate how consumers really think about brands and the role narratives play in that thought process. He’ll break down what that means for businesses and market researchers and how we can move past surface-level answers and get to the rich stories driving consumer behavior.






The Sudden Death of Beliefs
Social intelligence research possesses the capability to capture, analyze, and interpret the myriad factors influencing how consumers align themselves with product categories and brands, with special focus on their underlying dynamics. By capturing unfiltered opinions across social media, this type of research unveils the process with which consumers can shift their perspectives, influenced by the opinions of others, influencers, news, and even misinformation. The talk will share examples of the volatile nature of consumer mindset across consumer categories and geographies.




This webinar is co-presented by Irrational Agency

Irrational AgencyIrrational Agency define the way behavioural science is used in commercial research. As the leading agency in the application of quantitative and qualitative narrative research, and our proprietary System 3 approach, we bring clients new consumer stories and insights that allow brands to think differently about key challenges and potential solutions. We believe that consumers’ imagination and the stories they tell themselves can uncover true future insight and predict real future motivations and behaviours.