Photo of Alex Garnica

Alejandro Garnica Andrade

AMAI Mexico


For over thirty years, Alejandro (Alex) has worked in applications of research and planning for business in areas such as: mass communication, media, advertising, markets, and branding.

Besides being an independent consultant, Alex currently leads AMAI (Mexico) and ARIA (Americas Research Industry Alliance), a joint effort by eleven National Research Associations from North and South America. He is also member of the Board of the GRBN (Global Research Business Network), the global entity integrated by EFAMRO (Europe), APRC (Asia Pacific), ARIA (Americas) and AMRA (Africa).

He received a B.A. in Communication Theory and Research (UIA, Mexico), a Diploma in Political Marketing (ITAM, Mexico) and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication (UOC, Barcelona).

Frequent collaborator for media, Alejandro has co-authored three books as well. Medición de audiencias de televisión en México (2009), the first analytic volume about Mexican television audiences. Telenovelas en México: nuestras íntimas extrañas (2011), about soap operas. And Audiencias saturadas, comunicación fallida (2013), a printed and digital publication on a “mediagraphy” of the 2012 Mexican presidential campaign.

Twitter: @miloqume