Andrew Mitchell

LivingLens United Kingdom


Andrew is the Global Commercial Director for LivingLens. LivingLens is a software as a service provider that puts the consumer at the heart of decision making by leveraging the power of video. Putting the consumer just one click away. LivingLens is redefining how brands and agencies get closer to their audiences by unlocking video based insights.

Andrew has more than 20 years of insight and technology experience. During his career he has worked with many of the world leaders in CPG’s and Retail, providing Insights, Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions, all focused on applying new and innovative technologies that unlock growth opportunities across of wide range of functions, from Consumer Market Insights, Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain. Prior to LivingLens, Andrew was the International Commercial Director for IRI’s Technology Solutions Group, focusing on the use of business intelligence technology to drive insights across many different sources of data.

At LivingLens, Andrew is responsible for developing key relationships with major global brands and agencies. He brings extensive experience in understanding client needs, industry challenges and how technology can be used to discover insights that overcome these challenges.