Chris Hauck

Chris Hauck

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Chris Hauck has spent the majority of his career as a quantitative researcher and taking people to have experiences was so much fun and so insightful, that he changed his focus to understanding experiences. Admittedly, not the best timing, but the focus hasn’t changed. I study live experiences with the consumer to understand their perspective, for tremendous competitive advantage and real learning.

Chris has developed new tools and approaches to meet unique client needs. In fact, over the years, he has made some tools, he has outsourced some methods and when needed, he’s even invented new ones to meet specific client needs.

His approach to moderating is similar, always looking for the style to put his respondents at ease and help them open-up.  Most often, it’s his casual and relaxed approach with a bit of humor mixed in that opens the door and finds the answer.

Chris Hauck An Immersive Ethnography Technique for deep understanding