Colin Ho

Ipsos USA


Colin Ho is currently Senior Vice President at Ipsos, and heads up their US Marketing Science Group. His role is focused on providing support on research methodologies and data analytics. As a Social Psychologist, Colin also provides support to Ipsos in Behavioral Economics. Prior to joining the market research industry, Colin was educated as a Social Psychologist and published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and the British Journal of Social Psychology. Colin has over 20 years of research experience that includes nine years on Ipsos’s Proctor and Gamble account, and two years at Henry Rak Consulting Partners, a management consultancy that specializes in the development of strategic brand growth strategies (Henry Rak is now part of McKinsey). Colin holds a Doctorate in Social Psychology from Purdue University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara. Colin’ recent publications have been on how to leverage text mining to better capture the psychology of consumers. Colin first presented text analysis at the Advance Research Technique Forum in 2012. His recent papers include “Using Text Analytics to Bring Us Closer to Reality”, “Behavioral Economics and our Brain’s Negative Predisposition Toward the Negative” and “Brand Equity, Behavioral Economics and Surveys”.

Colin Ho The Connection between Big Data and Behavioral Economics