Dan Foreman

Lumi Mobile UK


Dan Foreman has been in the research business for 20 years, building businesses across Europe, Asia Pacific and The Americas. He specialises in emerging technologies and developing markets. Dan is the elected President of ESOMAR for the term 2013/14 and currently serves as an Executive with Lumi Mobile. Outside research, Dan is a Non-Executive Director of a publishing business and a precision engineering company. He lives in Royal Tunbridge Wells with his wife and two children.

Finn Raben, Dan Foreman Panel discussion with Dan Foreman, Finn Raben, & Ray Poynter discussing the trends impacting market research and thoughts about the future
Finn Raben, Dan Foreman A view of the future from ESOMAR
Dan Foreman A view of the future, from ESOMAR’s President Dan Foreman
Dan Foreman Sensory Inspiration!