Photo of Jake Pryszlak

Jake Pryszlak

Market Research Industry Blogger United Kingdom


Jake is a market research industry blogger who has spent the last 3 years helping clients connect the dots to understand consumers. As a Senior Research Executive, Jake continues to focus on research that can deliver impact for clients that is cost effective for all.

He has a buzz for new methodologies and technology; frequently reviewing products and ideas via his blog, which allows him to share his own views and opinions about market research.

He continually contributes worldwide, writing guest blogs and e-books for companies based in the UK and the USA.

During his time as a Senior Research Executive and an industry blogger, Jake continues to learn new ways of working that can be beneficial for the industry and clients. He loves to share his ideas and thoughts across Twitter. And he is currently looking into ways of using Snapchat and other devices to showcase a ‘day in the life’ of a researcher.

Twitter: @Jake_pryszlak