Karina Besprosvan

Eye on Media USA


Karina Besprosvan is a Communications and Media Expert, Data Curator, and Consumer Insight Specialist with significant experience in both the US and Latin American markets, with an emphasis in Mexico and Brazil. She has written more than 50 thought leaders papers and served as guest speaker at more than 20 industry events around the world. Karina is working as a Business Strategy Consultant at OmnicomMediaGroup and works as an independent Research consultant. She is currently developing the first Eye Tracking mobile project with EyeOnMedia: “Intercepting micro communication behaviors” (How to follow generation Z storytelling while using MIM (mobile instant messaging) platforms” and in the process of building her own firm called MINT, (Mentoring, Inspiring, Nurturing, Training) which helps companies and organizations with employee training and development programs.

Previously Karina served as Regional Business Intelligence Director – Strategic Planning, Insights and Analytics with OmnicomMediaGroup from 2010-2015. Karina was responsible for the integration, adoption and training of proprietary strategic systems, media tools and research methodologies across 19 countries, making available regional and local developments for clients. She also managed a Training Unit, coordinating and teaching in-house both virtually and personally around Latin America, covering topics such as digital migrations, how to generate insights, planning tools, and analytics. Before, she was OMD’s Research director Chile since 2003. In 2006, her unit received the award “Best Research LATAM unit from OMD”, a distinction posted by the company’s CEO.

Beginning in 2009, Karina served as an Esomar Representative, organizing membership, managing information, papers, and webinars, and organizing research events. Since 2010, she also served as a Board Member of I-COM International’s Congress, a global event about digital analytics. She holds university studies in Marketing, Advertising, and Sociology, in Argentina. A Diploma in Business Planning from Westminster University, London. A Master in consumer behavior from UAI University Chile. And an Innovation and Market Hack certificates from Idea center, at MDC, Miami.