Léa Turquier

Ipsos France


Lea started her career in qual research, passionately exploring how digital innovation could fuel changes in the MR industry to bring stronger value for tech clients. She switched to social intelligence analytics in 2015 to embark on the exciting journey aiming at bridging human and artificial intelligence in the data-driven Insights evolution.

In her role, Lea pilots innovation and rolls out a new service line for Ipsos clients globally, harnessing research expertise with A.I, machine learning and data science, to craft impactful insights out of millions of unstructured data – language, picture or video-based.

Lea was awarded the Gold Trophy for Innovation in Methodology at the 2017 Printemps des Etudes in France, and teaches Social Media sociology at University Paris Descartes.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/l%C3%A9a-turquier-6217a5/