Phyllis Macfarlane



Phyllis Macfarlane has worked in Market Research throughout her career, managing GfK’s UK company, focusing personally on international and B2B research, and always interested in the global development of the MR industry, and, perhaps more importantly, in the growth of Researchers!

She has spent the last several years working in Global Training in GfK, and most recently on the GfK Verein’s University cooperation programme, setting up post graduate courses and degrees in Africa and China, and supporting Interviewer training in Africa. She is now expanding that work through the ESOMAR Foundation, via education and also supporting the non-profit sector to use market research best practices more in designing and measuring their aid programmes. She believes that everyone needs market research skills: from the newest small business to top executives in global organisations, and is doing her best to spread the word!  She also believes that there is a huge opportunity for the MR industry in developing markets to demonstrate new thinking and support both local and international clients with real business know-how.