Raj Sandhu, PhD


Raj’s unique background as a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology, and as an educator (B.Ed) forms a power combination for market research as she has the expertise to understand the key drivers of human behavior and the ability to translate this knowledge towards actionable business solutions.

Over 7 years, Raj has led both qualitative and quantitative research projects exploring various facets of the drivers of human behavior including decision making, sensory and emotion processing, and addictions. In addition to publishing 5 research papers, the impact and broad application of her research have led to her work being featured on Discovery Canada, BBC, and the Daily Mail. As the first psychologist at Fresh Squeezed Ideas, Raj offers a unique perspective and an expansive knowledge base on the cognitive processes that shape everyday behavior. She draws on this knowledge to derive valuable insights into consumer behavior, and to design research that asks the right questions in the right way, as she knows that insights are only as strong as the research upon which they are based.

Raj is a passionate and innovative researcher, who loves to question and to be questioned.

Raj Sandhu, PhD Behavioural Economics: Marketing’s latest shiny new thing, or the tipping point for marketing transformation?