Scott Miller

Vision Critical Canada


As CEO of Vision Critical, Scott Miller is on a mission to change the way the world views customers. Since joining Vision Critical in 2012, Scott has led the company’s transformation from a services-focused organization into the leading provider of customer relationship intelligence software.

Today, Vision Critical’s SaaS platform delivers faster, better insight to the world’s top companies and Fortune 1000 brands. Scott is dedicated to helping customers transform research and intelligence into functions that deliver as much value back to their customers as they do for their own organizations. He believes in the power of customer intelligence to improve every step of the digital customer experience.

Obsessive about empowering all Vision Critical employees to make customers the center of every decision, Scott is passionate about remaining accessible to all Vision Critical customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

Prior to joining Vision Critical, Scott was CEO of Synovate North America, where he led the business to industry-leading growth through company-wide alignment on client sales and delivery. He has previously held senior leadership positions in global client relationships, research and international development.