The New Research Paradigm: More Show and Less Tell

Click here to access the slides Click here to access the slides In today’s disrupted world, researchers must re-think their solutions – especially in terms of how they can get closer to consumers to gather more accurate information and to deliver deeper insights. The good news is that there are many opportunities to develop more consumer-centric research that shows us what consumers are doing (behavior-based) instead of relying on them to tell us about it (recall-based). We will present 3 research approaches that are more show and less tell: • Metaphor elicitation that captures motivations in a more intuitive, System 1 way • New technologies that capture consumers in real-life and real-time • Video capture to reveal behaviors and emotions Presentation by Douwe Rademaker

The online survey quality guideline by JMRA

Click here to access the slides Click here to access the slides Presented by Noriko Kishida and Tomoaki Murakami In Japan, online survey is the most used research method. The Internet Survey Quality Subcommittee of JMRA try to formulate guidelines to steer online surveys mobile friendly and protect the monitors for the better data quality and the sustainability. The Subcommittee that consists of five major online providers in Japan will present at the JMRA conference together after the roundtable discussion at the academic society and having the public comments. To maximize mobile, not only the survey system, but the design of questionnaire and understanding of researchers and end clients is necessary. We share how the subcommittee promoted this activity.