Raising the Bar for Online Focus Groups

Click here to access the slides Click here to access the slides   Transcript of recording with Patrice Wooldridge – generated automatically by HappyScribe which means it will be about 80% accurate – if you spot confusing errors, please email ray@new-mr.com. The timestamps are included to help you jump directly to a point of interest.   [00:00:10.510] – Patrice Wooldridge When my husband and I decided to open our qualitative research post in some 30 years ago, one of our first clients accused us of doing this so that we could write off our tech toys. Yes, my name is Beatrice Wooldridge, and I’m addicted to tech toys and the kind of person who so very long ago saw the iPad being introduced and ended up with one of the first three hundred shipped. This is just to say that trying new tech toys is in my DNA and since our businesses elevator speeches that we help our clients see the world through the eyes of their consumers.   [00:00:44.200] – Patrice Wooldridge Right now, our consumers are seeing us through the eyes of a video screen. So first, let’s look at a little history late in the nineteen nineties […]