Automation and Market Research – Report

Automation ReportDownload our free new report into the impact of Automation (including AI) on market research and insight.

The report has been written by Ray Poynter (NewMR) and Lenny Murphy (GreenBook) and has been sponsored by ZappiStore.

Executive Summary:

  • Automation in market research will continue to evolve and accelerate.
  • Automation makes things faster, cheaper, and sometimes better.
  • Clients, not suppliers, determine quality – but suppliers need to ensure buyers can readily assess the quality of services.
  • Automation will result in more research being conducted, and a growth in evidence-based decision making, at a lower cost per project.
  • Automation will continue to generate winners and losers. Be an automation winner – lead by example and adopt innovation.
  • Clients often value speed above cost savings, as shown in interviews with Valspar and T-Mobile.
  • Ray PoynterMost people agree that the benefits of automation include doing more with less, doing it faster, doing it consistently, and sometimes achieving superior quality.
  • People’s fears surrounding automation are less focused, though it is generally accepted that more automation is inevitable.
  • We predict 40-60% of existing market research jobs will disappear over the next five to ten years. Roughly 20-30% new research jobs will be created.
  • Artificial Intelligence will have a major impact on market research over the next five to ten years, impacting areas like qualitative research, research with images/video, and creativity.
  • Increased automation will result in more business decisions benefiting from research.
  • Lenny Murphy

Download our free new report into the impact of Automation (including AI) on market research and insight.

The report draws on a wide range of resources and original research and benefits from the contributions from a wide range of leading names from the world of market research and insight, including:

  • Adriana Rocha, (eCGlobal Solutions, USA)
  • Brian Ley (Valspar, USA)
  • Christian Super (ORC International, USA)
  • Dangjaithawin (Orm) Anantachai (Intage, Thailand)
  • Darren Mark Noyce (SKOPOS, UK)
  • Automation ReportDon DiForio (T-Mobile, USA)
  • Ellen Woods (QED Strategies, USA)
  • Fiona Blades (MESH Experience, USA)
  • Greg Dunbar (Cint, UK)
  • Jeffrey Henning (Researchscape, USA)
  • Jeffrey Resnick (Stakeholder Advisory Services, USA)
  • Joan Lewis (strategic advisor, USA)
  • Jon Puleston (Lightspeed GMI, UK)
  • Helene Protopapas (Nielsenm UK)
  • Kelsy Saulsbury, (Schwan’s Shared Services, USA)
  • Lisa Horwich (Pallas Research Associates, USA)
  • Pravin Shekar (krea, India)
  • Rajesh Shirali (Tamanna Insight Partners, India)
  • Sankar Nagarajan (TEXTIENT Analytics, India)
  • Saul Dobney ( market research, UK)
  • Stan Knoops (IFF, Netherlands)
  • Stan Sthanunathan (Unilever, UK)
  • Sue York (Author, Australia)

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