Is it auto-qual, we-qual, mass-qual, or crowdsourced qual?

There is a growing trend for researchers to recruit customers/consumers/citizens to collaborate in the research process. One example is where smartphones are used to facilitate people capturing slices of their own lives, in pictures, videos, and comments. Another example was […]

Is Neuromarketing looking in the wrong place?

I was interviewed yesterday for an article that will appear in the new quarterly MRS magazine (now that the monthly magazine has gone entirely online). Although my bit of the article will be very small (if used at all) the […]

Some of my favourite blogs

I have just finished running several training sessions on quant research, social media, statistics and presenting and I received several requests for recommended further reading, so here are a few of my favourite blogs. The Survey Geek – Reg Baker. […]

Research communities in APAC?

I am just about to submit my paper to ESOMAR on research communities in Asia Pacific, and I would love to bounce my key points off the NewMR crowd. Globally it looks as though about 50% of researchers interested in […]

Mobile Research in a Mobile World

I spent Wednesday last week chairing the first day of the MRMW conference in Kuala Lumpur, a well-attended event with participants and contributors from around the globe. The conference highlighted a number of key trends about mobile market research (MMR), […]