Lessons from stock market research

Market research tends to look inwards when it tries to assess it strengths and weaknesses, but perhaps interesting comparisons can be drawn from the world of stock market research? A recent article in The Economist reviewed the world of stock […]

A new book to help people to understand insight communities

By common consent, research communities seem to have been the fastest growing new research approach over the last few years (a view that was supported by the latest GRIT report). Indeed, in some sectors, such as media, brands are beginning […]

The next billion internet users

The infographic below was suggested to NewMR by Shannon Hamilton who helped create it and we thought it was well worth sharing. If you click on the image you will be take to the source of the image, who are InternetServiceProviders.org. […]

The Five Top NewMR.org Posts of 2013 – so far

Below is a list of the five posts, on NewMR.org, that in 2013 have been read by the largest number of unique readers, as measured by Google Analytics. Why do companies use market research? This was posted December 30, 2012, […]