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Eight Tips for Dealing with the Unpredictable

We are living in unprecedented, uncertain, and unpredictable times. Here are eight tips from Ray Poynter that highlight things you can do to leverage some control over the situation.

Workshops with Ray Poynter

State of the Nation for Market Research and Insights 2019 – with Ray Poynter

Posted by Ray Poynter, 9 February 2019. At this time of the year, I find that I am in demand to help organisations take a wider view of the market to help them assess their plans. These sessions can include face-to-face sessions and virtual sessions, with clients, agencies, and suppliers to the market research industry. If you are interested in the sorts of things I talk about in these sessions, you want to check our one or more of the following: A Market Research State of the Nation Review, GreenBook Predictions and Themes For Market Research & Insights in 2019, NewMR Global Prices Study – What will data, research and insights cost in 116 countries? ESOMAR RW Connect Insight Interview with Garth Viegas from Tata Global Beverages – The Future of Client Insights, NewMR Interested in commissioning Ray to run a session for you, online or face-to-face? Click here to download an example presentation deck, with details of prices on the last page.

GreenBook Predictions 2019

GreenBook Gathers 30 Predictions about Insights in 2019

Lenny Murphy and GreebBook have gathered predictions for 2019 from 30 well-known market research and insight commentators. From this post you can access the original post (with the 30 predictions), and Ray Poynter’s brief summary.