The State of Insights – Quarter 1, 2024 – the Report

State of Insights Report - Quarter 1 2024Ray Poynter, 6 March 2024

NewMR has recently conducted its third wave of a study on the State of Insights, focusing on Optimism/Pessimism, the main Positives and Negatives. We have published the findings in three stages:

  1. Utilising a Word Cloud
  2. Utilising an AI tool to produce an automated analysis
  3. A Report created by a human – click here to download the report

You can also listen to me present the findings in a #NewMR webinar, on Thursday, 7 March. (You, will be able to watch the recording after the 7 March).

Key Findings from the Study
The first point of note is that the people who responded to the three waves of this study were mostly Optimistic, and the levels of Optimism and Pessimism between the three waves are remarkably similar. Note, each wave comprises about 300 responses, mostly from North America and Europe.

Optimism Chart

There is some indication that Research Buyers/Users are slightly more optimistic than everybody else, but there are few differences by region/role.

Net Optimism by Groups

The main positives and the main negatives relate to AI
We asked people what were the main positives in terms of the insights and research ecosystem in 2024 and AI was the main topic mentioned. However, when we asked about the most worrying things in 2024, the main answer related to the misuse of AI.

We also asked people what they were looking to learn in 2024, and not surprisingly, the overwhelming winner was AI.

I know that some event organisers and publishers are worrying that they are overdoing the focus on AI. However, this study would suggest that AI is the topic that most people want to hear about, at the moment.

Events and large Minorities
Part of this wave of the study looked what insight professionals want from the events they attend. One of the key findings is that there are some large groups who are not necessarily being catered for. For example

  • A quarter of attendees are not omnivores, this group includes vegetarians, people with allergies, vegans etc.
  • A quarter of attendees do not drink alcohol.
  • A quarter of attendees want low-calorie drinks.
  • A quarter of attendees have challenges (e.g. hearing issues and issues about needing a quiet space to escape the pressure of the buzz).

Read the Report
This blog highlights a few of the points covered in the report. You can download the full report by clicking here.

Using Automated Tools
To create this report, I started by using ResearchWiseAI to create an automated view of the information. From this start, I dived into the data to dig deeper and to compare with previous waves. If you are interested in trying this approach, visit ResearchWiseAI and set up your account.