Viki Cooke – Radio #NewM Podcast

Published by Ray Poynter, 16 August 2022

Inflation is a major challenge facing managers and researchers around the world. Most of today’s leaders have zero experience of inflation as we have had low rates of inflation in the West for forty years.

This is your chance to learn from leaders in our industry who have been there before. In this second podcast in our inflation series, Viki Cooke, Co-founder and Chair of BritainThinks shares her recollections of the 70s and 80s, starting with her experience in the advertising world and then market research.

Viki will also share her thoughts on what managers today should be doing to tackle the challenges they are being faced with. Viki draws on her experience of leading an organisation that wins awards for being a great place to work, is a B-Corp, and one that has embraced employee ownership.

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