AAA – Agility, Automation & AI

AIThursday 18 August, 2016

2 sessions

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This webinar event tackled Agility, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in two sessions.

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Session 1, Chair: Sue York

Session 2, Chair: Ray Poynter

Descriptions of the Presentations

  • Bruce Friend, Is MR ready to “Unleash a New Reality”?, “Final Fantasy: The Spirits within”, released in 2001, was the first photorealistic computer-animated feature film. It now holds a place as one of the 5 biggest box office bombs in history, losing approximately $100M USD and leading to the demise of Square Pictures. Not quite the new reality that Columbia Pictures was hoping to unleash when they chose the tagline “Unleash a New Reality”.Bruce Friend, President of MARU/VCR&C’s Media & Entertainment practice, will share his experiences leading global audience research for the film during his time at Sony. After leaving Sony, Bruce has lived on the bleeding edge of insight technology as a veteran of two of the most disruptive research technology brands in this century and now leads the next wave of disruption at MARU/VCR&C. Bruce will take this opportunity to talk about the pace and sequencing of innovation, and what it means for AI and humans.”
  • Dan Stracey, What can agile research learn from agile software development? “In this short webinar we’ll be focussing on agile as a mindset, illustrating some of the principle practices and tools from the world of software development world, concluding with the agile manifesto re-imagined / applied to the MR industry.”