Quantitative Semiotics – culture by numbers

Signoi logoCommercial webinar from Signoi, Thursday 19 April – hosted by NewMR.

Access the slides and recording from our Play Again page.

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The world of MR has become quite good at automating basic tasks and surveys. But when it comes to extracting implicit meaning from unstructured cultural influences such as text, imagery, and so on, in all its messy richness, life is rarely so simple.

Quantitative semiotics is an emergent discipline that harnesses machine learning and automated analytics to declutter and extract implicit meaning from vast amounts of natural language, social media, advertising, brand and comms imagery. It cuts to the chase fast, saves time and money, and unlike traditional practitioner-based semiotic decoding, it is measurable. As an example, the speakers will share their new Archetype Engine – a tool for reading the signs of cultural collateral against the familiar Jungian narrative structures like Hero, Caregiver, Rebel, Explorer, and so on.

Andy Dexter and Andrew JeavonsThe webinar will be presented by Andy Dexter and Andrew Jeavons from Signoi. This is a commercial presentation and you will learn what quantitative semiotics is, how it is being used, and how you can find out more.

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